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How to Purchase

Due to our agreement with the artist, Sid Dickens, we are unable to sell Memory Blocks / Tiles online through our shopping cart. However, we would be delighted to assist you in beginning or growing your collection. Please visit Sid Dickens’ website for a closer look at his Active Collection, then e-mail us at or telephone the shop at 559.781.2575. to discuss availablity and pricing. Generally we  have complete stock of all Current / Active Sid Dickens Tiles.  We do have a limited selection of RETIRED Sid Dickens's Tiles.


About Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

From his studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, elusive artist Sid Dickens issues forth his Memory Blocks, timeless and enchanting works in plaster. Two seasons a year, new Memory Blocks are introduced in thematic collections that hearken to motifs as varied as classical architecture, history, religion, nature, and fairy tales. Each 6 x 8-inch tile is handcrafted in intricate detail and finished to a porcelain-like quality or cracked with the look of weathered stone. Each one is pre-drilled on the back side for easy hanging and can also be displayed on a shelf or an art stand. With approximately two dozen Blocks retiring each year, this is a constantly changing collection that appreciates in value and meaning and grows in mystique and allure over time.

Sid Dickens' work is produced by a group of 30 young emerging artists in a studio space in Vancouver, Canada. Each Memory Blocks is hand poured hydrostone plaster, all tiles are hand painted, silver and gold leafing is done by hand, and finally the Memory Blocks are hand stained. We consider each Memory Block a piece of art, there are over 5 people that do work on each one of them. The hours of work that go into creating each Memory Block make them each an individual collectible treasure.


Displaying Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are best displayed in wall-mounted groupings. The size of the groupings is unlimited. One prominent collector displays his large collection of over 90 Memory Blocks in the great room of his home. You can start with a single tile and build your collection according to your budget. Unlike static works like paintings, Sid Dickens Memory Blocks can be grouped in many arrangements of different sizes, shapes and sequences. As your decorating needs, feelings and moods change, your display can also change.
These Memory Blocks provide an affordable way of decorating your home with hand crafted original works of art at a starting price far below that of posters, prints or paintings. No framing or installation costs are required. Only the simplest measurements are necessary. Each Memory Block back has been finished with an angled aperture. All you need to do is position a small tack, screw or nail in the wall and hang the tile. No additional supports, braces or mounts are necessary. Any individual can hang them.
"People like the feel they are an integral part of the story of humanity, and my tiles have the weight and feel of another era, a time when things were more permanent and long lasting. I think it's this aspect of the tiles that makes people want to reach out. In essence, they want to touch history." - Sid Dickens

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