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Lenny & Eva, Large Sentiment Lenny & Eva - Large Sentiment - Style Guide

Lenny & Eva, Nothing is worth more than this day. Goethe - Brass

Large Sentiments feature inspirational quotes and are designed to be interchangeable with Lenny & Eva's wide cuff, messenger necklace, charm bracelets, beaded links, braided wraps, suede bracelets and glimmer bracelets. Add a charm or initial to make it one of a kind. Lenny & Eva gives you the freedom to choose what you want to wear. Whatever type of inspiration your day needs, look no further than your wrist.

Visit the Lenny & Eva Style Page to see all the ways you can wear Lenny & Eva.  Lenny & Eva gives you the freedom to choose.

Made in the USA.

$ 22.50

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