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Voluspa Candle, Goji & Tarocco Orange

Voluspa Large Embossed, Japonica Glass Candle

Voluspa Goji & Tarocco Orange Candle is best described as: Goji berries grow on an evergreen shrub found in temperate and subtropical regions in China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet. Goji berries are usually found dried and are shriveled red berries that resemble red raisins. Tarocco (also know as "Blood Orange" and "Red Orange"), means "beautiful" in Sicilian dialect. Goji berry, ripe mango and Tarocco orange are the main exotic ingredients involved.

Voluspa Candles are made with creamy coconut wax which enhances fragrance throw, burns ultra clean, with fragrance and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxe to everyday living. Voluspa Japonica Candle Collection pays homage to beautiful works of Japanese art. Delicate traditional Japanese floral designs applied to their most creative fragrance palette yet.  Made in the USA.

$ 28.00

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